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'Providing Fresh Fish for the community'


Deep Blue Fresh Fish
52 Calne Road
SN15 4PW
Tel 01249 891800

Opening Times
Monday - Friday 10.00am - 6.00pm
Saturday 09.00am – 4.00pm

New to Lyneham and the surrounding community.
Exciting News, fresh fish and shell fish for the local community. We only buy the best possible quality fresh fish from specific vessels renowned for the quality of their catches and the professionalism of their captains and crews. You can also rest assured that we only buy fish caught from well managed stocks!

We remain true to the principle upon which the business was originally founded; fresh, simple, sustainable food prepared daily and fairly priced.

We offer Cornish Lobster fresh cooked or live; we pack our live lobsters straight from our seawater storage tanks. Please check them on arrival and keep them cool and moist; the salad tray of a refrigerator or the original packaging is best.

Deep Blue Fish Festival of Lyneham at The Wellington Barn, Calstone. As part of our culture to demonstrate that fish is extremely good for you, we held an Autumn Fish Festival in the Wellington Barn, Calstone nr Calne on Sunday. Hundreds experienced top chefs demonstrating ideal methods to prepare, cook and what to eat with fish. A complete eye opener, fish not just served with batter and chips, and many people left will full stomach's and more importantly a wider spectrum of what other fish are available to eat. Full Report and Gallery of Pictures click here



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